Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My yarn travels, and it's never a good thing. At any one point in time, there could be anything from cat hair to toddler-dropped food, dirt tracked through the house, ash and wood shavings form being close to the fireplace plus anything that the little one brought home from daycare (like glitter. I am really really sick of glitter). I usually vacuum twice a day, but for some reason the carpet just likes being covered in whatever. Not ideal for wandering yarn.

I found these bowls at The Warehouse. Only $3 each and they are just beautiful. I bought 3 of them, 2 are being used as yarn bowls and the 3rd is holding all my bits and pieces... Snips, stitch markers, cable needles, Knit Pro size tags and cable ends (in an altoids tin), my button container (currently small because I just had a clean out), and my travel-craft tin that will be decorated soon - also an Altoids tin. Sent from America, hese tins are amazing and so handy for everything!!

The bowls are a gorgeous aqua blue and I tempted to get more, just because. (Or in case one breaks at some point in time, I will have a back up - that is a fair enough reason... right?)

Accurate colour is in the 'everything' image. The close up shows the nice darker ring.
I got the Kitty Snips from Vintage Purls.
I got the wooden embroidery needle case from A place to lay my thread.


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