Saturday, 10 August 2013

I love my Super Nintendo. Not many games left these days (a few got lost in the many times I have shifted in the last 10 years). It was a gift back when video stores rented videos, Sega and Nintendo games adorned the shelves, and a PS was something rich kids had. Still have Super Mario Bros All Stars, Donkey Kong, Yoshis Island, Wolfenstein, Battletoads (which makes me cry in frustration, but laugh whenever I hit my team mate) and Kirbys Ghost Trap.

If I am not crafting, cooking or cleaning, I am playing the Nintendo.

So, in honor of many many years of gaming fun, I designed these 2 cross stitch patterns, which I offer you for free. Both are designed for 16ct Aida and the DMC thread charts are included. Click on the image and you will be taken to my google drive page to download the pdf from there.

First up - Super Mario. Self explanatory. Super Mario is awesome.
Stitch Count: 138w x 58h
Finished Size: 23.81 cm x 14.28 cm (1 over on 16ct Aida)
Contains a DMC floss list.

Secondly - Tetris. As you can see, every line has at least one gap. No disappearing lines while you stitch it!
Stitch Count: 74w x 90h
Finished Size: 14.28 cm x 18.25 cm (1 over on 16ct Aida)
Contains a DMC floss list.

Hope you enjoy them! Show me some pics when you are done. I love to see what happens to my patterns when they leave my hands.


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