Saturday, 24 August 2013

I tried dyeing with kool aid. We don't have kool aid here, but a lovely person in the US swapped me kool aid and a 3.5mm circ (also not available here) for some of my mini skeins to add to her BeeKeepers quilt.

ohmygosh the smells were amazing! The grape one smells like Hubba Bubba and the black cherry made my mouth water. I don't think I could bring myself to drinking it though (needing a cup of sugar to make!!!) but I will happily sniff it all day.

These photos are part of a small series I will be doing shortly (when I have finished all the bits I need to do), so you will see these again, but just to show you my results.

I am also making an 8-ply crocheted hexagon granny-style blanket using this pattern I found. So I had some 8ply mini skeins (30m each) that I can get 4 hexagons out of if I am careful. (If I'm not, then its about 3.75 per skein. Will remember that for next time). I will be using black yarn to sew them all totgether, just to make them stand out a little more. They are so fast to whip up!

This is the black cherry yarn. I thought I had a picture of the finished Grape, but I don't. Will take a picture when they are hexagons just like this. They are making all of my hexagons smell amazing!


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