Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Us crafters spend a lot of time trying to explain to non-carfters that 'No, that hand-wash only, wool cardi that I made can NOT just be thrown in the wash and tumble dried'. I have been lucky that so far everyone has listened to me when I do make gifts, but I am dreading the day when someone brings me a shrunk and felted something that used to be pretty.

Also, while useful, adding the yarn tag doesn't always lend itself to the gorgeous FO. So here I have created these Care Instruction swing tags for you to download (for free!) and use on your beautiful hard work.

I have created these as 'Gift Tag' / 'Business Card' size images to be used on the Vistaprint website. Premium business cards, you can get 250 of them! Gift tags use the same size, and you get 25, which I think is great. You can print them all, then mix and match.

All you have to do is click on the picture of the image you want (or all of them) and download.
Then, go to your countries Vistaprint website, select Gift Tags or Business Card.
Choose 'upload a completed design' and upload the image.
Then make sure everything is ok to you (you can add things to the back of the card if you choose).
Finally, go through the checkout, and soon enough, you will have pretty cards ready to tie onto your amazing work!

To use the cards, simply cross out what does not apply. (Yarn says 'Do not iron'? Cross out the 'iron hot/cool'). Easy!

**Note: When you click on the image, you will be taken to a google docs page to download. The image will appear fuzzy and not very nice looking. This is just because it has been blown up on the screen. The image is correct for printing**


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