Saturday, 27 July 2013

Mini Skeins!! Perfect for The BeeKeepers Quilt.

The yarn used in this first picture was Bella Baby Sugar 4ply in a Camel colourway. I love how the colours turned out with this base. Further down I have used white, but I will be going back to using Camel or Grey as a base from now on, unless I specifically want some neon brights.

To make up your dye bases, I used red, yellow and blue for the basics, then pink and black as seperate ones specifically for those 2 colours.

You will need:
Foam (or plastic) coffee/disposable cups.
White vinegar
Hot water

I wound this yarn into 7-8g mini skeins. 6 per 50g ball. I then soaked it in a hot water + vinegar bowl for about an hour while I prepared the colours.

To make the dye pots:
Use 1 cup for each colour base. The first number represents the amount for more muted colours, the 2nd number in parenthesis represents the amount I used for my more saturated colours.

Blue: 1mL (2mL)
Red: 2mL (4mL)
Yellow: 4mL (8mL)
Pink: 2mL (4mL)
Black: 2mL (4mL)

Then fill the cup with water to dilute your colour. These are your prepared base colours to use for the mixing.

To create the above colours: *Note that I use a heavily saturated dye bath that would not have completely exhausted no matter how long I left it. This is a personal preference to create the most saturated colour I could acheive. To avoid this, use the smaller amount stated in the Dye Pots list above, and the smaller amount below in the mixes*

The following mixes use a ratio system. (eg: Green = 2 : 2 yellow : blue). In this instance, use whatever you choose to acheive the saturation you desire. For a lighter colour, use a 5mL gradient (eg: Green = 10mL : 10mL yellow : blue) and top up with water to completely submerge the yarn. For a saturated colour (like mine), use a 10mL gradient. (eg: Green = 20mL : 20mL yellow : blue) then top up with water. You won't need much.

Left to Right.

1st row.
Red Purple -   3 : 1  Red : Blue
Red -             4       Red
Red Orange - 3 : 1  Red : Yellow
Orange -        2 : 2  Red : Yellow
Yellow -        4       Yellow
Black -          4       Black

2nd Row.
Green -         2 : 2  Yellow : Blue
Green Blue - 1 : 3  Yellow : Blue
Blue -           4       Blue
Blue Purple - 3 : 1  Blue : Red
Purple -         2 : 2 Blue : Red
Pink -            4       Pink

3rd Row is just double ups of my favourite colour mixes.

I left these for an hour in their dye. Once done, I placed each one in a 300mL microwave safe container and microwaved them (6 containers at a time) for 30 seconds.

When cool enough to handle, I rinsed the excess dye from the yarn under cold water, gently squeezed the water out then hung them up to dry.


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