Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My first shawl. I have to admit, it was a bit daunting (not the knitting part, but the blocking).

You can find Momijigari on Ravelry here. It is a paid pattern but I think it is completely worth it. I can easily see myself using this for many birthday and/or Christmas presents now and for a long time.

It flew off my needles! I had it knitted and pinned out within 15 hours. I used my sons old cot matress to pin it out on, I would have preffered something slightly larger, but until I can afford some foam mats, it will do. But the size is still great for a scarf (which is the reason I made it).

This was so many firsts!
  • First lacey thing
  • First blocking attempt ever
  • First shawlette/shawl/scarf
  • First item knitted start to finish without stopping for other projects in the middle.
The lace repeats are suprisingly easy to remember and I never once had trouble with it. Which I was surprised at. Some of it was overnight-can’t sleep knitting with mindless TV, so I didn’t have toddler interuptions like usual... If I had, I am sure it would've taken longer.

I love this pattern and I am so glad I eventually bought it. I used a 4ply yarn from Flagstaff Alpacas here in Dunedin. It was a 60% alpaca, 20% merino, 20% nylon blend and its lovely and soft. A few of the loose hairs itch my neck occassionally, but I have a sensitive neck so I am not surprised. It's not enough of an itch to make me consider leaving it at home. Please excuse the 1st bad photo.

Finished, but before blocking.

The lace edging blocking on the matress

Completed after blocking

The awesome that is my first scarf/shawl/lacey thing/blocking attempt.


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