I am Amie, and I live in New Zealand with my fiance and our son. 

I have always loved crafting, but knitting was my kryptonite! Many times, people tried to teach me, but it never worked. I would attempt a stockinette square, and somehow would get a triangle with a hole in the middle. 

July 2011, I decided I needed a new craft. My sewing was taking over the lounge room, I had a cupboard for my scrapbooking - even the computer was filled with digital scrapbooking supplies! Surely a few balls of yarn and some needles or hokks wouldn't take up too much space...?

I went to the local Warehouse store, and found a 4 pack of aluminium crochet hooks, and grabbed some cheap yarn. Had never tried crochet before, but I figured, why not?

I came home, and jumped on the Crochet for Dummies website, and YouTube. By that afternoon I had a few swatches and decided to try a pattern. Going on Etsy, I bought a few patterns from someone who I actually still go back to regularly.

Well, I didn't fully understand the implications of guage. Surely the 4mm hook I had would work fine for the 5.5mm hook the pattern called for? What is 1.5mm really? Yes! You guessed right. The 2-5year old sized hat I made for my 1.5year old, barely fit an orange. Woops! I was a little more respectful of guage after that!!

After a year of crocheting, and releasing a couple of patterns, I decided to try knitting again, but this time, by myself. No one telling me what needle to put where and how to something the yarn while something else. I learnt to crochet on the internet, surely I could do the same for knitting? 

I headed down to the local Salvation Army, picked up a bunch (a literal bunch, about 15 pairs) of needles in all different lengths, sizes and materials, then marched back home and parked myself in front of the computer. Wouldn't you know it?! Apparently I CAN knit, as long as it's at my own pace, with no other people around.

The lounge room is filling up with yarn, spinning fibre and cupboards for my yarn and fibre. I think it's time for a new craft. Something that won't take over the lounge room. What about furniture upholstery?


  1. Hi Amie, this may seem an odd question but are you registered on Lert Info emergency alerts? My name is Stuart Gunn and we keep receiving a subscription from an Amie Foster with the email amiefosterdesigns@gmail.com but can't find this person in our system. We have also emailed but go no reply. Will you please email me or Txt 027 733 8528 Cheers Stuart