Saturday, 7 September 2013

Have decided to leave this until today to make a full post about it - because it warrants more than just a picture this time.

Mr. Foster and I are planning our wedding (yes, Foster is not yet my name, but I will be taking his surname when we marry, so for simplicity sake, I use it now). I will be knitting my wedding dress (and not in white... a gorgoeus sea coloured blue/green.)

However, once I started planning, I was thinking about all the things I could knit and crochet and stitch, and the list just kept growing. So in terms of keeping my sanity - I forgot every idea I had except for my wedding dress and crocheted parasols (I'm not a 'flowers' girl).

Instead, I have decided to make myself one new gorgeous amazing self-indulgent thing for our anniversary each year.

For our first anniversary, I will be making and wearing Southern Skies. I will be going all out on the yarn and beads, and I will actually make it with the intention of passing it down as an heirloom to our son and his spouse if/when they choose to marry as a wedding gift, to then pass on down again and again.

I am trying to figure out what I could make to go with it that would be an appropriate dating tool with a list of who had it before each gifting.
At the moment I am considering a photo album with images of the actual knitting process (including all the gory bits - like the blocking), then include a final photo of me wearing it for our 1 year anniversary (and any other special occasions I choose to wear it). I will choose an album big enough for future generations to add their own photos of receiving and wearing it.
I will include a letter deatiling how long it took to make, and problems I had (eg. dropped stitches I had to find, needle coming out, how many times I had to restart etc), where the yarn and beads came from. Also care instructions for keeping it amazing for years to come.

I would then place all of this (photo album, letter, care instructions and shawl) into a small hope chest to be passed down with everything else.

I would love to know what you think. Is there a better wya to include all the information that future generations might be intersted in? Or have I got it right?

Here is Southern Skies by Audry Nicklin. The images are not mine and I do not claim them in any part as my own.

© Audry Nicklin

© Audry Nicklin


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