Saturday, 14 September 2013

Another hobby of mine is digital scrapbooking. Standard scrapbooking is great, but I have found that I never use things I love, because I don't want to use them then want to make something else with them. SO I always end up using things that are ok, but I just don't love.

However, with digital scrapbooking, I can use the same thing 20 times if I want. Yeah it doesn't have the same depth, but you can do things like add shadows and distort things to make them 'appear' to come off the page, so, while not perfect, it still gives a lot of freedom and you can add as many ribbons as you like, but still have it fit cleanly into a plastic sleeve in an album.

I decided it was high time we had placemats in our house - I was getting sick of using teatowels and junk mail when we had hot plates. So I whipped up these placemats (A4 size) and got the printed out at Warehouse Stationery.

I glued them to the same placemats I got from spotlight that I used for the chalkboards. I also glued an entire piece of felt to the back of it to prevent table scratching.

While I glued to position the paper, I was planning to Mod Podge the tops, but Squish decided he wanted to use the dinosaurs for that lunch time, and lo and behold, sauce ended up on it. So I will just use these non Mod-Podged placemats for a few more weeks, then peel the paper off and mod podge a new design on top.

Squish got 2 placemats (dinosaurs and football - as an attempt to get him to be more interested in dinner, he gets to choose his placemat), Mr. Foster got blue stars and I got a black, white and yellow flowery design. Mr. Foster often ends up using the football one though because Squish likes to use daddy's star one. I might change them up next time but will likely just stick with the same design. I am considering using them as end of year gifts for kids this year at Christmas time.


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