Saturday, 31 August 2013

With fathers day here tomorrow, I thought I would share what I got Mr. Foster and my dad. I found these images on Wikimedia Commons - (public domain) donated by Geographicus. I may have spent an unaturally long time going through all these maps because, if I had my way, we would have an entire wall dedicated to a collage of these maps. My personal favourites are the celestial and astronomical maps.

So, I got these 2 printed out as A2 posters for Mr. Foster.

I printed this as an A3 size and framed it for my dad. Taking it to him this evening, hope he likes it!

My brother is 2 weeks out from starting his training as a paramedic, so I want to find some anatomy style drawings (think Da Vincis autopsy and anatomy sketches) and make him a collage poster. He would love that.


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