Saturday, 6 July 2013

My first foray into dyeing was fun. I fell in love with the experience and really enjoy the process.

When I decided to try, I had some natural chunky yarn that needed a shock of colour. I didn't know anyone (personally) who dyed yarn at that stage, so I relied on on the wealth of knowledge that is the Ravelry forums. I was sent to a few links to have a look, and between them all, I found the easiest way for me.

What I used:
Our home slow cooker
Queen food colouring
White vinegar
This tutorial - The hot pour method (The one with pink and orange yarn)

I did almost exactly what the tutorial said, except with a bit more vinegar and colour (because the yarn was chunky and it filled up the entire slow cooker). I also did a second dye-and-set (repeat the process) with the saturated green after the blue had exhausted.

I would highly recommend this method to start with, it is really hard to mess up - and you can set it and leave it (especially handy with young children!!). Unfortunately, if you want to do more than 1-2 skeins in the same 'colourway', it will be a lot harder to get the exact same across them all using this method. Handy for a single dye, not so handy for 10 skeins for a cardi.

Once rinsed, dried and done, I was winding it into a shorter skein, and DS decided to 'help'. I managed to untangle most of it, but there was one felted knot in the middle that I needed to cut, resulting in 4 mini skeins of varying lengths. I have been considering a 12ply hexipuff blanket though, so I will just keep it in my stash until I decide what to do with it.

I do love the colours though!!


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