Saturday, 13 July 2013

A few months ago, I bought the Beekeepers Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.

It is the perfect not-much-time project, and as a serial-project-starter, I get the instant satisfaction of starting new hexipuffs constantly, but I often finish them in one go.

I am making the entire blanket out of wool yarn (varies between 'just wool', merino, alpaca, sock yarn so far), a lot of it I am/have dyed myself. The hexis are being stuffed with alpaca roving (from my spinning) and they are so warm, soft and squishy!!

I have tried a few different cast ons, I did the one as described in the pattern, but somehow I ended up with this strange looking edge... (yellow)

Then I tried an odd style I improvised (I am sure someone, somewhere has already done this..) but I cast on the first number of stitches (the half for one needle), then I knit that row, without slipping the stitches off. So I ended up with the CO stitches of one needle, then the same amount of stitches on the other, ready for the first row. This worked well enough, but it got a bit tight to work after the first few stitches, so I had to use a crochet hook to pull the stitches through and slip them on the needle. (green)

Next, I can't remember what I tried, but it worked a lot better! Now I wish I had written it down, so I could keep using that method, but I will just have to hope I do it again. (blue)

I might try Judys Magic Cast On for some hexis, it makes a nice edge for toe-up and some in-the-round projects, but I like the definite edge that the other cast ons give me.I have 16 so far, there is 17 in the pic, but I realised one was wrong, so DS has taken it and calls it his 'ticket'. It goes with him to daycare in his pocket.


  1. I LOVE this project. I still call them puffs, but I'm not stuffing mine. Have fun! How big is the quilt you're making?

    1. I plan on this one being a roughly 1.5m square, to use as a personal lap blanket.

      But I am also going to make an 8ply one that I will make King-size for our bed. (Our bed is Queen size, but I like the overhang).

      I can easily see myself making many of these over the years for baby shower gifts, making little cot size snuggly ones too. The puffs are just so squishy and fun!

      How many puffs have you made? What size will you make? Love making these :)