Sunday, 14 April 2013

A big welcome to everyone who has stopped by, and I hope you stay for a cuppa. 

Not much welcome info, just know that there will be a bit of everything fibre and hand craft related. Knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, designs, cross stitch, embroidery, patterns, free patterns, tutorials, cool things I find, and a little about my new fibre-centred life. 

I am 24 and live with my fiance Mr. Foster and our son DS (3 years old). We live in Dunedin, New Zealand and I design while DS is at daycare. 

I get my inspiration from everywhere. Primarily I aim to bring patterns that use a simple construction, sticking to elements like top down or bottom up, seamless where possible and limit fastenings to buttons. My goal is for my patterns to be easily accessible to all skill levels. From beginners who like to follow every single stitch in the pattern, through to experienced people who will use my patterns as an 'idea'. 

Please know that I *want* to see your projects! Link them on Ravelry if you are on there, email them to me, or tag me in a pin or tweet. I love seeing what people come up with, from colour choice through to complete element changes. Everything you do makes me happy when I see you take the time to create something I took the time to design, and you inspire me to create new items. 

As I continue with this blog and my designs, you will notice that I love bright colours. I sincerely hope that even if you see something in a colour you don't like, that you can look past this and see the design for what it is, and what it could be.

Read through, check out my designs and tutorials, email me (and I will respond!), facebook, share, tweet and pin. Stay a while, put your feet up and enjoy!

Have a great day, and look forward to this journey!
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