Saturday, 20 April 2013

So, if you are following along, there will be plenty of posts about my current state of WIPs.

So I will begin with a quick round up of them all. (Maybe not all, but just the ones I am willing to admit ;) hehe) Pic free post. For pics, click on the progress bar on the side -> Just keeping it short and simple.

Latte Baby Coat
I have been working on this since December, but I have run out of yarn. The yarn in question is no longer available from my LYS. So I need to track down something else to finish it.

Vertebrae Cardi
This has stalled because I am over using DPNs and want a circular to finish the arms with the Magic Loop method.

Hand dyed Rainbow Mittens
Am up to the thumb on the second mitten. Just need to stop putting it off and get it done.

Wild Rice Shawl
This is just a made up shawlette that I am making to use as a scarf for winter. I will continue until I am out of yarn.

Small Talk Shawl
This is a forever-WIP. I don't 'need' it to be done, but it will be nice when its done. I am using a size 5 crochet cotton.

Peggy Sue
Want this done ideally by June, in time for winter layering. Alternatively, I don't mind if it's not finished until August/September for Spring.

Cold Jewel
This is a test jumper which needs to be finished before end of May. So this is priority and you will see this finished with my mods soon.

I love this dress. I noticed when I was working it, that I counted my rows wrong, So I need to frog back and fix it. Will do this when I can. By Christmas would be nice.

Purple Rain
Don't mind when I finish this. It's for me, so by winter would be great. It's a bit slow going though because it's lace weight yarn and I can't do it at night because its such a dark purple. With winter coming, I have less time each day to do it.

My 3 Hexi Blankets.
4ply Hexipuffs & 8ply Hexipuffs. I was also working on a Hexi-Flats blanket, But I am thinking about 'working as I go' on that one. Picking up stitches and knitting on the blanket, rather than sewing them all together at the end. But all 3 are just permanent WIPs. There is no due date. But you will get regular Hexi updates :)


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